President’s Message

Mr. Masood ur Rehman

In my position as President of the Khanewal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (the “Chamber”), it gives me great pleasure to deliver herewith the Chamber’s Performance Review Report- 2016-21 for the Fiscal Year 2020- 21.
Despite the fact that I took over the realm of the Chamber on 1st October 2021, the review of my predecessor’s work is completely owned by the undersigned due to being an active member of the Chamber even during the aforementioned period. Since the Chamber’s founding, the undersigned has been one of its primary promoters and most active members. It is worth noting that, to preserve policy continuity, my preference has been to focus
on identifying challenges experienced by businessmen in Khanewal Region in particular and South Punjab in general and finding ways and means to fix their snags in the shortest possible time.

Apart from adopting particular and case-by-case methods for their respective business solutions, I have been able to conduct several sessions of meetings well within the Chamber premises by bringing top-tiers from sectors important to the business community, either directly or indirectly. Despite limited financial resources, I am certain that the Khanewal Chamber will prosper as a consequence of the chamber’s efforts to grow the commercial sector in South Punjab. This report provides a synopsis of our accomplishments. I hope the readers appreciate our performance, particularly in terms of holding meetings on various business and development issues, as well as hosting dignitaries in such a short amount of time.